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Polarisation labelling spectroscopy of the 51Π state in KCs molecule

J. Szczepkowski   Chem. Phys Lett. 638 p.78-81(2015)

DOI 10.1016/j.cplett.2015.08.037

Article supplementary experimental data

Download this file (exp_dunham.txt)exp_dunham.txt[The experimentally determined Dunham coefficient (in cm^-1) for the v'in[0,4] of the 5 ^1Pi state]0.7 Kb
Download this file (exp_energies_lev_KCs_5sPi.txt)exp_energies_lev_KCs_5sPi.txt[Experimental energies of (v', J') rovibrational levels KCs 5sPi]30 Kb
Download this file (exp_potential.txt)exp_potential.txt[The rotationless IPA potential energy curve for the 5 1PI state in KCs]1 Kb
Download this file (KCs_5sP.IPA)KCs_5sP.IPA[Experimental potential curve data file IPA format]1 Kb